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Mission Statement of the Office of the Child Advocate

KidsThe mission of the Office of the Child Advocate is to protect the legal rights of children in State care and to promote policies and practices which ensure that children are safe; that children have permanent and stable families; and that children in out of home placements have their physical, mental, medical, educational, emotional and behavioral needs met.

Message From the Child Advocate

The Child Advocate of the Month

Each and every child is precious, vulnerable and worthy of protection and care.  The only way in which the welfare and safety of every child can be ensured is to encourage every citizen to honor their responsibility to support safe communities, effective schools, adequate and affordable healthcare, safe, decent and affordable housing and jobs which enable people to support their families.

Each month the Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) will spotlight an outstanding individual in Rhode Island who has demonstrated a commitment to protecting and/or improving the lives of Rhode Island children.  The OCA encourages you to recommend outstanding advocates for children.  Please send via email your recommendation along with an explanation of how the person you are recommending has helped to better the lives of children.  Your email should be sent to Malmeida@gw.doa.state.ri.us.  The OCA looks forward to receiving your recommendations.