Child Advocate Handbook

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Due to a grant from the Rhode Island Foundation, the Office of the Child Advocate was able to develop and print the handbook on the child welfare system in Rhode Island, as a means to enhance advocacy for children by providing an easy reference to the child welfare system and the Rhode Island Family Court.

Child Advocate Brochure

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This publication is a brochure explaining the role and statutory authority of the Rhode Island Office of the Child Advocate. It is hoped that this booklet will be a helpful guide to those inquiring about the duties and responsibilities of our office. In addition, this brochure discloses the Children Bill of Rights.

Kids Rights Handbook

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The Office of the Child Advocate for the State of Rhode Island is privileged to release this publication. It is hoped that it will be used as a vehicle to answer many questions which teens have regarding their rights and laws in Rhode Island that affect them. This document was published through a grant that was awarded to the Office of the Child Advocate by the Rhode Island Foundation. The Handbook has recently been updated, addressing new legal issues that have come to the OCA’s attention, as well as updating the legal authorities within the Handbook.