Read testimonials from former intern’s

“Working at the Child Advocate’s Office has been an amazing experience.
As I continue my law school education, I know I will always have the support of the staff here at the OCA. They have become not only my mentors, but my friends as well. Their passion for improving the lives of children is truly an inspiration. I have gained knowledge in a variety of different areas of child law and welfare during my time here, which has helped me sharpen the skills I will need to become a successful attorney.”

-Elizabeth, Suffolk University Law School ‘16

“The Rhode Island State Government Intern Program got me in contact with the Office of the Child Advocate.  As an undergrad with a passion for helping others and the goal of attending law school working with the OCA was the perfect match.  Everyday I learned new things and felt like I was making a difference.  I will have the skills I learned during my summer at the OCA for the rest of my academic career and further.”

-Karin Klenk, University of New England ‘15

“Working at the Office of the Child Advocate this summer gave me priceless tools that I can take with me into a future career in law. Seeing the effects of hard work for the people who need it the most was not only touching but served as a forum  to witness  the beauty of the law in aiding those in need.  The staff at the OCA was helpful, kind, and worked tremendously hard to make the OCA the best office it can be. It was a wonderful experience and I was so fortunate to be a part of it.”

-Aileen G. Konanez, Roger Williams University School of Law ’16